Our History and Heritage

Founded in 1994, Collegiate Capital Management® (CCM) provides investment advisory and financial planning services to university professionals nationwide. University retirement accounts offer many little-known investment and tax opportunities. We work with clients to identify and efficiently utilize those opportunities by joining the management of these accounts to others within a unified portfolio.
Our comprehensive approach provides asset and tax management as well as financial and estate planning—everything you need to plan for and enjoy your retirement years.

As an independent firm, we are not affiliated with or compensated by any university or university vendor. Our independence allows us to provide you with sound investment and financial planning advice without product bias. We work as your advocate!

We feel that we are educators as well—helping you understand the actions taken, and why. All of which is essential to attain peace of mind and instill trust in our firm.

At Collegiate Capital Management, we
firmly believe that whatever action is
best for our client is best for our firm.