An Investment Process You Can Trust

How do you know you’re getting real value from your investment advisor? The details your financial advisor provides you should allow you to assess value and be comfortable with the decisions that are made.

Here are some of the things Collegiate Capital Management feels you should expect from your financial advisor:


Complex solutions are not only harder for clients to understand, they are more difficult to manage well. This increases client risk. Your advisor’s recommendations should be as coherent and straightforward as possible and void of industry jargon, so that you have a clear picture of where you’re headed.


Nothing is more disturbing to an investor than a cloud of doubt hanging over the processes their financial advisor uses. You deserve—and your advisor should deliver—an open, collaborative process that makes clear such things as fee structures, reporting and decision criteria.


The world is constantly changing. Markets and investment opportunities are dynamic, reacting to those changes in real time. Your advisor should be able to clearly show how flexibility for change is built into the portfolio management process.

Risk Sensitivity

Investment is calculated risk. Most investors understand that. In planning a retirement strategy, though, managing that risk is key. You want to know that you are getting maximum return at minimum risk. It’s your advisor’s job to assure you that your risk and return are being kept in the balance you find comfortable.

The bottom line is trust. Most clients find it hard to trust an advisor that can’t explain their financial plan in a clear, compelling and systematic way. If the process your advisor presents to you is not straightforward and understandable, it may also not be efficient and effective. It’s your money. It’s your career and your retirement. You have a right to know, to understand and to trust the process of involved in attaining your retirement goals.

At Collegiate Capital Management, we believe you deserve an investment process you can trust and that the above factors are essential and critical to success—both yours and ours.


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