Portfolio Management Software Changes

We will implement a new portfolio management software system in the coming months. We use this software to generate periodic client reports, and it assists us in managing your assets. This software is also the foundation for the consolidated portfolio information provided to you through our client portal, CCMconnect®.

You Can Expect to See the Following Enhancements/Additions: 

  • Improvements in report layouts and contents.
  • An improved client portal. Values will be updated earlier in the day. Intraday pricing of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will allow us to update portfolio valuations during market hours.
  • A two-way document portal, within CCMconnect®, to securely upload/share sensitive documents, including account-related forms for signature, disclosures, and reports.
  • A CCMconnect® App available in the App Store for iOS and Android devices.
  • An option that allows you to add other non-managed accounts within your CCMconnect® view, including bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, etc., for a more comprehensive financial picture. For privacy reasons, these outside accounts would only be accessible from the client’s view and not shared with your advisor.

This transition will require a period of data transfer, auditing, and testing to ensure accuracy, and we hope to begin full use of the portfolio management software by the beginning of 2021. Once the transition period is complete, we believe you will be pleased with the results. We will keep you updated during the transition and provide tools and optional training opportunities to help you understand and navigate our reconfigured client portal.

Contact us with any questions.

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