Reduce the Number of Account-Related Documents You Receive by Mail


You can reduce the number of account-related documents and disclosures you are currently receiving by US Mail by updating the delivery preferences at the custodian of your account(s). This e-delivery option is generally found under the account settings menu once you have logged in to your account on the custodian’s website. 

If you have an account at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., and have not enrolled in online access, go to and click on “first time users” near the top right corner of the home page. You will need one of your account numbers and the cell phone number previously provided on your account application to complete the enrollment process. 

In addition to Schwab, delivery preferences can be updated for your accounts held away from Schwab and for mailings provided by Collegiate Capital Management. Please contact us if you would like assistance updating any of your account delivery preferences. As always, some disclosures are required to be sent via mail. Switching to e-delivery may not eliminate all future mailings, such as fund prospectuses.

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