Keep Your Credit Safe

A credit freeze, also referred to as a security freeze, allows you to restrict access to your credit report. Once a freeze is in place, creditors cannot access your credit score and detailed reports of your credit cannot be released, therefore making it more difficult for identity theft to occur.

This article was written by consultants we collaborate within our firm’s cybersecurity program. Some of this will not apply to you personally because it applies to us as a firm, but we believe you may find some of the information helpful.

Easily freeze or unfreeze your credit online through the following links, or by calling the institutions listed below and following a teleprompt.

Some things to be aware of: If you place a freeze through any of these institutions, save all PINs. Experian and Innovis will mail these to you, while Equifax and TransUnion give the option of e-delivery or mailed delivery during online enrollment. Temporarily or permanently lift any freezes in the future with these PINs.