Pursuing Values-Driven Sustainable Investment

Our clients often request that we direct a portion of their investment portfolio in assets that are specifically aligned with the client’s personal values. In fact, this kind of sustainable investing (SI) is a growing and robust part of the investment world. It can not only advance financial goals but also give clients the satisfaction of participating in the causes and opportunities closest to their hearts.

Our knowledge of the market, university retirement plans, and the world of sustainable investment opportunities—both foreign and domestic—provides us with the insight we need to effectively integrate a client’s portfolio with SI.

One thing we look for are firms that are building business models that will make them more competitive in areas like:

  • Water – companies and firms that move it, treat it, or sell it.
  • Climate – companies that either mitigate the causes of or are positioned to benefit from climate change.
  • Agribusiness – firms that are working to alleviate the loss of food stock volumes in the processes between farmer and end-use.
  • Energy – firms exploring new, innovative sources of energy or finding ways of using current sources more efficiently.
  • Materials – as with energy, material resources can be finite. Companies that discover new alternatives or new efficiencies can profit.
  • Health – As people live longer, companies that develop drugs and treatments for chronic conditions or that provide services such as long-term care for seniors can be rewarding investments.

Of course, every market and every investment is dynamic, requiring regular, diligent monitoring in order to protect and advance your investment. CCM can advise you in the right SI opportunities for you while providing the solid expertise to keep you on course with your retirement goals.